Echoing Stuttering and Distortion of Kodi Audio after Windows 10 Update

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Hello, friends in this article I will share with you a quick fix. This will solve the echoing of Kodi audio which results in stuttering and distortion. Recently I faced this annoying audio issue in my Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop, which I use as a media PC. This issue started just after the Windows 10 Version 1703 Creators Update. After days of searching on the internet, I finally found out a method which resolved this Kodi audio issue. in which randomly after a while of normal audio playback all of a sudden audio starts to echo and then distort. So without further ado let us start.

Steps to solve random Echoing, Stuttering and Distortion of Audio in Kodi

  1. On the Kodi, home screen click on the spanner icon to go to setting.
  2. Then click on the system settings.
  3. Hover to the Audio settings tab.
  4. Click on the Audio Output Device Setting.
  5. Click on WASAPI:default.
  6. Exit and Restart Kodi.

Step by Step Walk-through

1. Click on the spanner icon
2. Click on the system settings
3. Hover to the Audio settings tab
4. Click on the Audio Output Device
5. Click on WASAPI:default
6. Exit and Restart Kodi

That is it now you should not have this annoying Echoing, Stuttering and Distortion of Audio.

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