Best Projector Under ₹ 10,000 Wzatco Yuva Plus

Are you on the lookout for an affordable yet high-quality projector? Look no further! In this review, we’ll delve into the features of the Wzatco Yuva Plus projector, a budget-friendly option that stands out as the best projector under ₹ 10,000.

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Reasons To Buy:

  1. Full HD Resolution and Massive Screen Support:
    • The Wzatco Yuva Plus projector boasts a full HD resolution for sharp and detailed images.
    • It supports screen sizes of up to 250 inches, providing an immersive viewing experience.
  2. Impressive Picture Quality:
    • Bright, clear, and detailed images make this projector a standout choice.
    • Performs well even in rooms with indirect light, ensuring a crisp and vivid picture.
  3. Audio Enhancement for Cinematic Experience:
    • While the built-in speaker quality is decent, connecting to a high-quality external speaker enhances the overall audio experience.
    • Elevate your home entertainment setup for a true cinematic adventure.


  1. Basic Model with External Device Requirement:
    • The Wzatco Yuva Plus is a basic model without built-in smart features or advanced connectivity options.
    • To access streaming services or play media, connect a smart device like a Fire TV stick or Google Chromecast.
  2. Manual Focusing and Keystone Correction:
    • The projector features manual focusing, requiring precision for optimal picture quality.
    • Only vertical keystone correction is available, emphasizing the importance of screen placement.


In conclusion, the Wzatco Yuva Plus projector is a budget-friendly gem for those seeking a quality home entertainment experience. Its noteworthy features, including full HD resolution and expansive screen support, make it a top choice in its price range. However, if you prioritize smart features and built-in connectivity, alternative models may better suit your needs.


I highly recommend the Wzatco Yuva Plus projector for budget-conscious individuals passionate about movies and TV shows. It’s a fantastic investment for an immersive home theater experience. If advanced features are a priority, explore other projector models catering to specific connectivity requirements.

Conclusion Note:

This review aims to provide valuable insights, aiding you in making an informed decision about the Wzatco Yuva Plus projector for your home entertainment setup. Enjoy your cinematic journey!

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