What to do with old laptop desktop computer

Hi friends in this video, you will learn how to revive your 10 years old laptop / netbook / PC. You will be able to use it to surf the web, stream videos, do office work (word, excel, presentation, etc). This is a step by step guide showing you the entire process and tools and software required to achieve this result.

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Software Download Links

  1. Windows 7 Super Lite Edition (64 Bit)
  2. Windows 7 Super Lite Edition (32 Bit)
  3. Rufus
  4. Ultimate Windows Tweaker
  5. Chrome(64 bit)
  6. Chrome (32 bit)
  7. WPS Office
  8. Youtube Desktop Client(64 bit)
  9. U Block Origin Chrome Addon

Topics Covered in This Guide

  1. 03:03 Demo Of Old Netbook
  2. 06:56 Problems of Using this Configuration
  3. 08:37 Why Windows 7 Works Faster than Linux
  4. 11:52 Downloading Of Tools and Software
  5. 13:11 How to Create Bootable Windows 7 Installation USB
  6. 15:16 How to Install Windows 7
  7. 19:25 How to Optimize Windows 7
  8. 26:42 How to find Drivers for Windows 7
  9. 32:30 Addon Software Required

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